Vice President of El Salvador Meets MundoCrypto

Being one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain academies, MundoCrypto is leading the world of cryptocurrency and Web3 education into the masses. 


Madrid, Spain - MundoCrypto CEO, Mani Thawani, will be the first Spanish Crypto Entrepreneur to meet the Vice president Felix Ulloa, and several governmental authorities of El Salvador, to talk about democratizing education on crypto and driving mass adoption of blockchain technology.


Mani Thawani, the CEO of the world's largest Spanish language educational platform on cryptocurrency, Mundo Crypto, today met Vice President of El Salvador Felix Ulloa and several to discuss different investment opportunities in the country through Bitcoin.


Thawani wants to bring his academy to El Salvador and set his sights on the English and Spanish-speaking world. Mani Thawani's inspiring story reflects his indomitable spirit and boundless ambition. It also illuminates the source of his strong conviction to democratize education on crypto and drive mass adoption of blockchain technology.


Mundo Crypto’s goal is to democratize crypto through education. By improving knowledge-building on cryptocurrency, the platform seeks to empower the general public's understanding of its impact on economic trends and traditional financial systems, as well as on their own personal lives. The ultimate goal of the platform is the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, which Thawani believes will lead to the greatest wealth transfer in human history


“The one thing we are more passionate about at MundoCrypto apart from cryptocurrency is teaching and spreading the word about all things crypto. We believe that knowledge is power, and the team at MundoCrypto aims to enhance cryptocurrency awareness and adoption across the society. We cannot wait to enter this new chapter of the MundoCrypto vision, which we have our loyal clients and fans to thank for.” stated Mani Thawani, Founder of MundoCrypto.


Last year, Felix Ulloa signed a Bitcoin law, making El Salvador the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender. Since then, the nation has been accumulating crypto assets.  This latest transaction is El Salvador’s cheapest Bitcoin purchase since the country added the cryptocurrency to its balance sheet. El Salvador now holds a total of 2,381 BTC, valued at about $46.2 million. Due to the market crash, the country’s Bitcoin investment is down by more than 50% on its bitcoin, accounting for about $40 million in unrealized losses.


While many investors are panicking about the current bear market, Felix Ulloa believes that investors have nothing to worry about because the market will recover. The Bitcoin-loving president noted that the price of bitcoin will rise significantly after the bear market. He urged investors to enjoy life instead of worrying about the market drawdown because their BTC investment is safe.

It is expected that this year decentralized projects will gain even more prominence among users who are already operating within the crypto ecosystem, as well as among novices. 

In this line, MundoCrypto goes hand in hand with the consolidation of the crypto world at an international level and even more so, with its establishment in the region, which increases its users every day and especially young people who seek these values ​​offered by the so-called Web 3.0.

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